About Zeptosens


Zeptosens provides highly sensitive microarray systems comprising microarray readers, antibody and reverse protein arrays, reagents, spotters, as well as image and data analysis software. Its mission is to serve researchers in the field of life sciences as a professional and convenient single source for comprehensive microarray platforms.


Reverse protein array services as well as large scale protein profiling services from our experienced scientists performed in our state-of-the-art laboratories are also offered to companies, academic institutions and government organizations.


From cell lysates to data analysis, Zeptosens systems are designed and optimized for affordable high throughput microarray applications such as signaling pathway analysis, biomarker discovery and validation, cell-based screening, compound selectivity profiling, toxicity studies, and clinical studies, delivering highly accurate and reproducible results. The Zeptosens microarray reader utilizes the most sensitive, proprietary, planar waveguide technology, producing data equivalent to >10,000 Western Blots in less than one week.



• major pharma R&D and biotech companies


• leading academic institutions and hospitals
 • contract research organizations

Our People and

• globally recognized experts in proteomics research on full time staff


• state-of-the-art laboratories for reverse array services, protein profiling services, and assay development

 • clean room facilities for microarray production
 • over 300 pre-tested antibodies available for reverse array applications
 • ISO 9001 certified quality management


Our name is derived from the prefix "zepto", meaning that our microarray technology operates at the zeptomole level of sensitivity. The ZeptoMARK platform is your best choice for tissue and cell lysate reverse arrays and proteomics studies, bringing your research to new levels of sensitivity. Over the years, Zeptosens has earned an outstanding reputation for quality and service - almost all users return for more studies, request additional services and would recommend Zeptosens to their colleagues.


Zeptosens, located near Basel, Switzerland, is a division of  Bayer (Schweiz) AG and part of  Bayer Technology Services GmbH, a global leader in the field of technology services.